We introduce ourselves as an ISO 9001:2000 Certified and one of the leading and oldest manufacturer of Unglazed Acid Resisting Clay Bricks as per I.S. 4860:1968 standards since 1993. As our product is of highest quality standards therefore we have also been awarded a License for ISI mark which is the symbol of quality and confidence.We are currently one of the leading suppliers to the Steel, Cement, Chemical, Glass, Power Plants, Petrochemicals & Non-Ferrous industries. "We are an EXCLUSIVE manufacturer having ISI Marking approval and ISO 9001:2000 Certificate for Unglazed Acid Resisting Clay Bricks" in the INDIA.

The company's manufacturing facility is located in India. The plant is modern and is supported by a team of qualified professionals.Our Unit belongs to well-known “Perfect” group who are also the leading manufacturer of Insulating Bricks. This group has scored a Century of its successful standing. We are a well professionally managed company.


We generally make the bricks in the following sizes as per I.S.4860:1968 standards to the tune of 12000 M.T. per Annum.

Sizes of Bricks Weight
1 230mm×114mm×75mm Class – I & Class – II 4.4Kgs.
2 230mm×114mm×38mm Class – I & Class – II 2.2Kgs.

We can meet the requirements of any quantity and size of bricks in the shortest possible time being one of the biggest manufacturer in India. Our quality of Bricks is well known in the market as ‘PAW’ Brand. The products and expertise of the business demonstrate a unique blend hitherto unavailable in India. It includes an extensive list of shaped and unshaped products & assures finished products of the highest quality. Any shaped sizes other than above can also be manufactured as per requirement.


Sourcing of raw materials and production of finished goods through ISO 9001:2000 quality control system. Sourcing of other accessories related to required for completion of turn-key projects.To maintain quality of the brick, the same are regularly checked in our own well-equipped laboratory. Besides this, we are also getting our bricks tested in Govt. Laboratories regularly i.e. M/s Shri Ram Institute for Industrial Research, New Delhi, C.G.C.R.I., Khurja and Regional Research Laboratory, Bhopal from time to time. In our laboratory, all equipments are available for testing from raw materials to finished goods. We have well experienced technical personnel to manufacture the product. Behind each one of our quality products and services there is a dedicated team of highly trained engineers and technologist who ensure that we consistently provide the best there is to offer.


Our bricks are used in lining of chemical storage tank, flooring, lining of chimney etc.Since acid proof bricks are porous and in time become saturated with corrosive. A basic principle of corrosion-proof masonary construction require that an impervious interliner must first be applied to protect the supporting structure from attack .


These bricks are used in Storage, Towers, Process tanks, flooring, chimney lining etc. for Chemical, Acid, Dyes, Alkalies, Intermediates, Fertilizers, petrochemicals, Power and Steel Plants all over India.


We are generally supplying our bricks in yellow/brown colours as per availability of stocks at the time of dispatch. The colour of bricks does not have impact on the performance of the bricks.


We are successfully marketing our product of above regular sizes of bricks almost throughout India directly or via our dealership network. We have a strong & well trained team of our channel partners, which also managed professionaly. In addition, the countrywide network of regional marketing offices supported by engineers and technologists, provide assistance in troubleshooting to improve service life, in identifying the ideal product for specific service conditions and in developing import substitutes by working with consultants whenever the need arises. Over 100 specialist dealers complement this activity. We can offer virtually any product at customer’s doorstep.


As we are very much focused on Quality & follow the stingent quality control system as per ISO 9001:2000 guidelines, our bricks of highest quality Exports are made to various countries in the Far East, Middle East and Europe.

Product superiority coupled with effective customer support has earned the group an enviable reputation in India and overseas markets.


Our aim is to provide timely supply and service after sale. We are very focused on quality, customer satisfaction and value for money. Our business philosophy dictates that we develop long-term relationship with the people we deal with.


As we maintain the highest parameters set for manufacturing of Unglazed Acid Resisting Clay Bricks by the national & international accredition agencies hence our customers & consumers our benfited with the quality assured products on ecnomical rates which further generates & multiplies the profits for the buyer and also to the end users.

Our Product is approved by :

1) BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARS For ISI marking on Unglazed Acid Resisting Clay Bricks.

Our Unit is approved by :

2) DET NORSKE VERITAS, THE NETHERLANDS for ISO 9001:2000 To manufacture and supply of Unglazed Acid Resisting Clay Bricks


We have adequate facilities to Manufacture, store, test, transport & distribute goods which would confirm to the standards specified by you and as mandated by the rules of the central & state goverments. Any additional facility that may be required could be arranged for, at a short notice.

We follow the normal practices of inventory control of Production, selling / distributing products.We have efficient & trained staff to store & stack the stocks on wooden pallets & slightly away from the walls allowing sufficient space between each stack, which enables accurate counting & free movement of the products. We take utmost care to avoid any loss / damage to the products and ensure the same is protected against any damage by any cause.We have adequate experienced back office & administration support staff equipped with latest office automation equipment viz : PC's on LAN, Phones, Fax, Copier, Printers etc. so that the job will be completed in shortest possible time.


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