We always & strictly follows the Quality Control Parameters as well defined in the ISO 9001:2000 system, right from Sourcing of raw materials upto production of finished goods. Special attention has always given in Sourcing of other accessories related to required for completion of turn-key projects.

Apart from this, as we are also manufacturing the Bricks of "ISI" Marking hence will follow all the guidelines as fixed by BIS. This further certify ours as An Exclusive Quality Manufacturer, as at present, no other manufacturer has been approved for such "ISI" marking in INDIA

We are the only manufacturing unit in the country which successfully mantaining the BIS approval for "ISI" marking on Unglazed Acid Resisting Clay Bricks from more than 07 continious Years.

Behind each one of our quality products and services there is a dedicated team of highly trained engineers and technologist who ensure that we consistently provide the best there is to offer. Our Quality Policy, Commits to comply with customer requirements and applicable standards as specified in ISO 9001:2000. We shall establish, implement, measure and continually improve quality management system focused on : Education and involvement of personnel in improving organization's profitability, Increase in Sales, Process control leading to quality improvement and reduced rejections, Reduction in fuel and power consumption.